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Tariffs are meant to protect and ensure competitiveness of SACU industries. There are three (3) types of tariff amendments: Decrease in the rate of customs duty (tariffs); Increase in the rate of customs duty; and Creation of rebate and drawback provisions.
Trade remedies or trade defence instruments are measures enacted to defend the local industry against unfair competition from imports. These are World Trade Organisation (WTO) measures domesticated through national regulations on Anti-dumping; Countervailing; and Safeguard Measures.
Infant Industry Protection (IIP) is a temporary measure in the form of additional customs duty, intended to enable newly established industries in the lesser developed member states to withstand competition from other producers in or outside the Common Customs Area.
Import and export of goods are regulated for health, safety and environmental purposes. In some instance control of goods is done for the promotion of growth, sustainability, and competitiveness of the domestic industry as well as to ensure availability of raw materials.
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